beef and dairy thriving on direct-fed microbials

Milk, Meat and More.

When it comes to cattle, conversion is the name of the game. At every step of production, nutrients must be captured and converted to boost milk production and create the prime beef that serves as the highlight of a memorable meal. At Agro BioSciences, we offer the comprehensive solutions that help producers maximize their return at every stage of production, from silage inoculants, to Direct-Fed microbials, to manure additives that turn waste into valuable fertilizer.


From the moment it's cut, silage begins to lose the vital nutrients livestock need for optimal health. And that loss accelerates during storage, where high pH levels allow microbes to feast on the carbohydrates and protein in your feed. At Agro BioSciences, we work with nature to nurture the fermentation process, scientifically selecting bacterial strains that rapidly convert carbohydrates to lactic acid, lowering pH levels and locking in more of the good stuff. So that the food that reaches your table, gets the very best start.

Direct-fed Microbials

As ruminants, cattle have very specialized digestive needs. At Agro BioSciences we provide direct-fed microbials that fight pathogenic microorganisms, improve digestion, boost production and strengthen the natural immunity of your herd.

Environmental Products

Due to a lack of oxygen in manure storage structures, untreated dairy manure degrades slowly and inefficiently, leading to sludge, difficult pumping, noxious odors and lower fertilizer value. By adding a select blend of Bacillus to waste, we can help you with all of those problems, creating a nutrient rich fertilizer that's much easier to manage.

differentiating the microorganisms that hurt beef  and dairy production from those that enhance it

A Better Understanding

Through research, we can explore the microbial terroir of your herd, differentiating the microorganisms that hurt production from those that enhance it.

Mapping complex microbes that affect the gastrointestinal tract

Advanced Techniques

Using advanced molecular biological techniques, we can map out the complex microbial terroir that shapes the gastrointestinal tract — and enhance it — improving the attributes that matter most.

developing direct-fed microbials in beef

Specialized Solutions

We don’t believe in generic solutions. At Agro BioSciences we partner with you, unleashing our product development specialists on your problems to find singular solutions that work.

dairy cows thriving on direct-fed microbials

Ultimate Control

By partnering with food producers and manufacturers at every level, we can enhance the microbial terroir at every stage, creating foods that are delicious, nutritious and safe.