pigs and swine thriving on direct-fed microbials

Going whole hog.

Food, environment, and intestinal health — all of these factors can have a major impact on swine production. At Agro BioSciences, we take a holistic approach to animal health, managing the Microbial Terroir™ at every stage to optimize the health and growth of your herd.


We offer a microbial-based approach to a wide range of problems, including pathogen control and waste management. Looking to optimize growth? We can even help you there, with natural alternatives to antibiotic, growth-promoting compounds.

Direct-Fed Microbials

Your herd fights a daily battle with enemies that you can't see — until it's too late. At Agro Biosciences, we'll analyze the specific pathogens affecting your livestock and formulate a tailored blend from a library of Bacillus strains designed to stop them, dramatically reducing pathogen levels while boosting the natural immunity of your herd.

Environmental Products

Your needs may start in the pen, but they don't end there. And neither do we. At Agro BioSciences, we offer additional environmental products to help with various aspects of your farm, including manure waste management.

Exploring the microoganisms in your swine herd

A Better Understanding

Through research, we can explore the microbial terroir of your herd, differentiating the microorganisms that hurt production from those that enhance it.

DNA sequence of swine pathogens

Advanced Techniques

Using advanced molecular biological techniques, we can map out the complex microbial terroir that shapes the gastrointestinal tract — and enhance it — improving the attributes that matter most.

pathogens in gel

Specialized Solutions

We don’t believe in generic solutions. At Agro BioSciences we partner with you, unleashing our product development specialists on your problems to find singular solutions that work.

pigs thriving on direct-fed microbials

Ultimate Control

By partnering with food producers and manufacturers at every level, we can enhance the microbial terroir at every stage, creating foods that are delicious, nutritious and safe.